Nayeen Al Amin

Big analog data is the mother of Big data

big analog data is a mother for Big data

In the world of IoT, AI, and Big Data, you believe it or not Big analog data is a mother for Big data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). So now the question comes up what I mean by Big analog data?

Ok, let’s make an example, think you are a Big Data analysis service company or an Artificial Intelligence service providing company. So, now imagine how you do your business if you don’t have the real-time data of a user or a company activity because Big Data and AI Needs so much of that kind of data. So you might understand that you need something who will generate that data for you and the solution is IoT because only IoT can make so much analog data within a second like one terabyte, which is very important for Big Data and AI business.

SAP-Big-analog_data-module-for-HANA-iot ai and big data - nayeen.infoImage Source: SAP

Ok, let see the business leaders what they are doing?  If checked with any market ranked BI (Business Intelligence) ERP (Enterprise resource planning) company, they already start introducing there own IoT module. Why because they already know who has the source of Big analog data they will grow there business so early.

On the other hand, we have to remember that because IoT will generate so much data, it’s also needed so much storage for storing that data too. So now I have to talk about cloud business opportunities. So be prepared that cloud service will take one of the indeed components which are doing business with IoT, AI, and Big Data.


Note: So many things need to be considered for next-generation IT business leaders. I will come up with something new in the next article.