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Solve big problems of agriculture by thinking like a farmer, acting like an engineer.

Solve big problems of agriculture by thinking like a farmer, act like an engineer will change the next generation farming all over the world.

Let’s think like a farmer but acting like an engineer to solve big problem of Agriculture. Salah Sukkarieh is Professor of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the University of Sydney, and Director of Research and Innovation at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics. He has worked on autonomous systems for ports, mines, aerospace, and, most recently, agriculture.

Agriculture Robot looking for weeds smart farming -
The robot looking for weeds smart farming –

He recalls that when he started working on drone technology there were not many aerospace companies in Australia working on drones, and those that were were not interested in drones for agriculture or the environment as the business case didn’t stack up financially. Australia’s size and the remoteness of many rural areas have also been deterrents.

Things have changed now. There is strong interest from the agriculture industry in the use of robotics and automation to support farmers, and he is surprised by the number of students who are interested in working on these projects.

Robot looking for weeds smart farming 2-
Nayeen al amin Drone test flight for Agriculture farming

According to the Thursday report, Japanese farmhands may soon be replaced by automated drones. Farmers and developers in northeast Japan have been testing the drone technology for months, said the story, as a means to supplement the work done by aging farmers. IoT based Farmers
I also believe this story, because of my sensei and me also finish test flight in the university test field 2 days ago.