Windows 11 ISO Download 32 bit and 64 bit

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Microsoft Windows 11 2020 ISO Download 32 bit and 64 bit direct link here.

Announced Release Date of Windows 2020

Windows 2020 Available Versions for users

For the coming age of all Windows users, Windows 11 Home should be the preferred version. Microsoft Windows 11 2020 Pro and Windows 11 2020 Enterprise are more appropriate for advanced users and IT professionals.

Windows 11 versionSuitable fordeviceparticularities
SHome users, educational institutionsPC, notebookLimited to Windows Store apps, only Edge can be used as a browser
Homehome usersPC, notebookCortana, Edge, Continuum
PerHome users,
small businesses
PC, notebookWindows Update for Business
EnterpriseCompaniesPC, notebookLong Term Servicing Branch
EducationSchoolchildren, universitiesPC, notebookHome & Pro upgrade
IoT coreHome users, companiesmicrodevicesFor the Internet of Things
mobilehome usersSmartphone, tabletContinuum for phone
Mobile enterpriseCompaniesSmartphone, tabletLatest security upgrades

Windows 2020 Mobile is used on smartphones, while Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise provides mobility at the workplace. Windows 2020 IoT Core can be used on low-cost devices.

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